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Education Corner

Education Corner: All About Damp Proofing

How Do I?

Once water or moisture gets into your home it is both difficult and expensive to stop. It is therefore important that damp proofing is done correctly and in the right places by your builder first time. I have only highlighted the basic areas where every home needs damp proofing. 


When most people think of insulation, it is mostly with regards to what is over the ceiling but there is so much more involved than that.

Education Corner: All About Building Walls

How Do I ?

Walls define spaces and your home is made up of walls that will either add value to a space or detract from it. It is therefore important that attention is paid to the materials and construction of the walls of your home. The access to and flow through a space is a very important issue and getting it wrong will affect the practical use and comfort of any space.

Education Corner: Foundations & Floor Slabs

How do I..?

With this article in the All About Building Education Corner, I am going to start at the bottom, literally, with the foundation of your home. This is not an exhaustive article on the subject by any means but serves to highlight the main issues.