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DIY Projects

Building on a Shoestring Budget

Dr. Johan Dippenaar, one of our readers, sent me these amazing pics of a little cottage he built on his smallholding and it just goes to show with some ingenuity and lots of scouting around for good prices and great ideas, you can build something really pretty and very functional at a fraction of the cost.

Building on a Shoestring Budget -more

Most people's belts are so tight these days that one can almost not breathe.
The thought of building or renovating a home needs some serious thought and planning and if you are looking to build on a shoestring, then there are quite a few things to think about.

Designing in small spaces

With the price of building these days being out of the reach of many people, designing small spaces that can be reinvented to serve a number of functions with adaptable furniture makes it user friendly and more cost effective.

Make an Adirondack Side Table

A simple side table is an ideal accompaniment to the Adirondack chair. And you can use this table anywhere in the garden or around the braai.
There’s always a need for a side table – especially when the family moggie is determined to take over the armrest, which would normally be used as the resting spot for your cup of coffee. And a side table like this is quick and easy to make.